Mediation for compensation after the death of a migrant worker

The Mumbai team successfully mediated the resolution of a dispute for compensation in the death case of a migrant worker. Lt. Surendra Kumar, originally from Uttar Pradesh, fell from the 4th floor of the construction site he was working on and died as a result. The accident took place on 31.11.2021. The Mumbai team followed up on the case after it was registered via a call to the India Labour Line. 

Since Surendra Kumar and his contractor belonged to the same village, the contractor tried every possible way to coerce the worker’s family. There was tremendous pressure on Surendra Kumar’s family members and on the Mumbai team from Police, Pradhan (mukhiya) from a village and contractors to withdraw the complaint and close the case. Surendra was the primary bread earner in his family; thus there was a need to get compensation for the dependents- his wife, mother and other family members. 

The contractor tried to close the case by offering INR 50,000. Through the rigorous follow up in the case, in the month of April, the Mumbai team managed to get compensation of INR 500,000.